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Moringa – The Big Superfood

It was one of those well needed weekends when I left for an urgent retreat to reflect and deal with the challenges of life. I made my way up the mountain to reflect on life and exchange my heartfelt weariness while sitting in the counsel of the One I call The Great One. I asked for wisdom for the healing I needed as depression was knocking at my door. I left my request expecting and knowing I had gained insights and assuredly I would come to find a green plant that I have great respect for as it continues miracles shows itself as true.

Let us introduce you to a lesser-known green power called Moringa

Maybe you are green powder fans, but you would no doubt be a little sceptical about this specific one being especially superior to other nutritious powders out there. The fact is, we were so impressed by this super green powder, we have added the state of the art technology of water-soluble extraction giving us 1 x capsule per day that has a concentration of 17-1 allowing for a full daily allowance of the full benefit you deserve.

Moringa Oleifera is a tree, commonly known as the drumstick tree, that grows in places such as Africa and India (we grow ours in Malawi Central Africa). It’s been around for a long time, but only recently has been integrated into the health food market. In the developing countries and villages where the moringa trees grow, moringa is being recommended to people, specifically mothers and small children, to combat malnutrition. Starving babies and children who would have otherwise died are given moringa as part of their diets. Quickly, their health returns and they can live full and healthy lives. Moreover, pregnant women are encouraged to take it, because it’s high in nutrition and promotes lactation, improving the health of their babies. Moringa is also used medicinally in these countries to fight gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhoea, and diabetes.

Think about it: villages in developing countries eat mostly vegetarian, since meat is a very expensive and rare item. If you’re a vegan in the developed world, you know that vegans and vegetarians can commonly be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals typically found in meat (especially if they don’t eat right or take supplements). Well, Moringa’s got that covered! It’s loaded with protein, iron, calcium, potassium, and vitamins. (Where do we get our protein and iron? FROM TREES!) Also, because of its ridiculously high levels of vitamin A, it’s being studied in India as a possible treatment for certain forms of blindness. 

That’s right: blindness.

Moringa compared to other foods that are high in Vitamins etc. 

*Vitamin A (3X more than Carrots)

*Vitamin B1 (4X more than Pork)

*Vitamin B2 (50X more than Sardines)

*Vitamin B3 (50X more than Peanuts)

*Vitamin C (6X more than Oranges)

*Vitamin E (4X more than Corn Oil)

*Calcium (17X more than Milk)

*Iron (30X more than Spinach)

*Zinc (6X more than Almonds)

*Potassium (3X more than Bananas)

*Dietary Fiber (5X more than Common Vegetables)

*Amino Acid (6X more than Garlic)

*GABA (a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle mass) (100X more than Brown Rice)

*Polyphenol (antioxidant) (2X more than Red Wine)

*Protein (2x more than Cow’s Milk)

* Magnesium (36 x more than eggs)

Altogether, moringa is made up of 92 nutrients and 46 antioxidants. 

See all that compassionate (non-animal) protein? Protein is made of amino acids. Many amino acids can be created within the human body, with 9 exceptions. These are referred to as essential amino acids. Moringa contains 18 total amino acids including the 9 essential ones, making it a more than complete and absorbable source of protein. Worried about being anaemic, or deficient in iron, from eating a vegan diet? Moringa beats spinach by light years, and even has more iron than iron-rich meats, like liver and roast beef!

Moringa Leaf Extract - Fresh Soil Health

What makes this plant even better? It’s super easy to grow. The roots retain a lot of moisture, so even during the dry season, the trees can thrive. A moringa plant will sprout and grow a few inches within a year and doesn’t need gross chemicals or fertilizers. Easy growing makes it very accessible even in the most impoverished communities. Villagers in Africa and India are encouraged to grow it themselves. With their own trees, families become less reliant on foreign aid for food. It’s also really easy to grow yourself! You can find inexpensive seeds online and plant a few in your yard. 

Grow your own food

Moringa Source’s Moringa Powder Sets New Record for Most Antioxidant-Rich Food in Independent Test

In an independent laboratory test, Moringa Oleifera scored the highest in antioxidant content.  Thereby beating the record-holding acai berry by more than a 50% margin. Moringa measured over 157,000 amoles using the Oxidant Radicals Absorbent Capacity (ORAC) system of measurement developed by the National Institute of Health’s National Institute for Aging. The ORAC test was conducted by independent lab Brunswick Laboratories.

The list of antioxidant super-foods is:

  • Acai berries
  • Blueberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Goji berries
  • Green tea
  • Pomegranates
  • Red wine

Moringa oleifera is the greatest antioxidant food ever found and nature’s most nutritious superfood having naturally sourced antioxidants aiding in the prevention of cancer and other diseases that dominate the body’s cells. 

Mix the powder in with your shakes, juices, and water, or use in recipes (sprinkle on top of pasta, salads, or breakfast!), and feel the amazing power of this incredible food! 

We have had countless testimonies on how people have lost excess weight to increase energy levels, regular digestive movements, better skin conditions, improved muscle and pain elevation, less unhealthy food cravings and my personal testimony of harnessed depression that came from overwork and insomnia.

Below are also documented data: 

Moringa Leaves: Potent Prevention for Alzheimer’s Disease

Moringa - Fresh Soil Health

The Moringa oleifera plant is highly regarded by dieticians and medical researchers and practitioners due to its superior nutritional content and numerous medical applications. The antioxidant properties of the Moringa plant have been well established by previous medical studies and are believed to provide protection against the effects of free radicals that can cause ageing and other negative health effects. Recent studies suggest that Moringa leaves can also provide protection against the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and may even delay its onset.

Alzheimer’s disease

A form of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease is believed to have a genetic component but can strike even those with no family history of the disease. Most cases of Alzheimer’s occur in individuals over 65 years of age, but the disease can strike much earlier in cases of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. As in other types of dementia, the patient experiences confusion, loss of normal brain function, unpredictable or aggressive tendencies and a gradual deterioration of the mental capacities. This degeneration of the nervous system eventually leads to death. While the exact causes of Alzheimer’s disease are not well understood, research studies seem to indicate that the disease is related to the build-up of fibrous protein compounds within the brain known as amyloids. These amyloids are present within the brain as plaques or neurofibrillary tangles and are thought to disrupt the normal functioning of neural impulses within the brain.


Because there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease, most treatments focus on delaying the progress of the disease and alleviating symptoms. Natural treatments including medical marijuana have produced impressive results in preventing continued degeneration. Other treatments focus on improving the emotional state of the patient and controlling any aggressive or violent tendencies that may occur due to the deteriorating mental condition.

Contributing factors

Although the precise cases of Alzheimer’s disease are not yet known, a number of correlating factors have been identified that may be responsible for triggering or worsening Alzheimer’s in some patients. These factors include the age and gender of the patient, the use of cigarettes and alcohol, genetic factors, congenital conditions including Down’s syndrome and multiple sclerosis, and the overall level of fat intake by the patient. Most of these factors are not directly under the control of the individual at risk for the disease.


Lifestyle changes are often recommended in order to help delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. These include smoking cessation strategies, reduction of alcohol consumption and, especially, a reduction in fat intake. It is in the latter area that Moringa leaves have been shown to be most useful in delaying or preventing Alzheimer’s in vulnerable individuals. A study published in the Annals of Neurosciences in 2005 showed a significant improvement in brain function in rats whose diets were supplemented by moringa leaves prior to their exposure to colchicine, a substance that mimics the action of Alzheimer’s in the brain. Despite the presence of this substance, rats retained much of their cognitive abilities and navigated a previously-completed maze far more accurately and quickly than the control group. These results were attributed to the antioxidant properties of moringa leaves, which served to scavenge free radicals from the system and to protect neural function.


Moringa leaves appear to delay or mitigate the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in laboratory rats due to the supplement’s antioxidant effects. The research indicates that Moringa supplements may lessen the impact of Alzheimer’s in individuals already suffering from the disease and may delay or prevent its onset in those who are at risk of developing this devastating illness. By incorporating Moringa leaf supplements into daily dietary plans, it is likely that most individuals can improve their chances of avoiding the worst effects of Alzheimer’s disease for themselves and their families.


Cancer Prevention & Supporting Treatment

As we learn more about cancer, we are empowered to use more of the tools which nature has created for us to help battle this terrible disease. The fight against cancer exists on many fronts, encompassing both prevention and treatment methods. In the past we have put all of our faith in pharmaceutical drugs, however, these are not the only weapons we have at our disposal to do battle with cancer. Moringa Oleifera is a plant that is known to have many medicinal properties. It is becoming very clear that this natural resource is a helpful ally in the comprehensive treatment of cancer.

Contributing factors

Moringa has been shown in studies to have an anti-tumour capacity. Moringa contains benzyl isothiocyanate. There are many studies that have shown this chemical and compounds derived thereof to have anti-cancer and chemoprotective capabilities. This chemoprotective aspect is critical for those who are battling cancer; this helps strengthen cells so that they can tolerate chemotherapy.


Moringa Oleifera has other characteristics which make it a good complement to cancer prevention or treatment plan. It contains an enormous amount of nutritional content; Moringa Oleifera contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which are critical for good health. It is loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, protein, Vitamin A and C, and many more properties which promote a healthy body that has the tools to fight cancer. It is known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, and pain relief uses. It has also been put to use to fight a variety of infections.

This incredibly useful tree has grown popular of late due to its ability to help sustain populations that have otherwise been fraught with nutritional problems. It tends to grow in areas where access to food and clean water are more complicated. The successes that many have had with Moringa Oleifera in promoting good health in some of the most devastated areas have led many scientists to examine its properties closely. It is fast emerging as a means to prevent cancer. It is also gaining notoriety as a product that helps cancer patients who are currently undergoing pharmaceutical treatment.

Fighting cancer is about equipping your body with the tools to fight every day. While drug therapies are very useful in this fight, it is also key that naturally occurring dietary options are used as well. Total health will give a cancer patient the endurance to battle the disease with full energy. The anti-tumour properties in Moringa Oleifera will be of special interest to cancer patients. Also, for those undergoing chemotherapy, the chemoprotective properties associated with this wonderful plant will empower the patient to stand strong when using chemotherapy to fight cancer. 


Investigate the studies which show this plant to be useful in a comprehensive battle against cancer. Always be sure to discuss all of your treatments options with your doctor, including your choice of dietary supplements, as interactions between chemicals must always be closely monitored when undergoing drug treatment. Moringa Oleifera has exciting potential as an ally in the war against cancer.

Covid 19 & Supporting Treatment

Moringa Supa Boost continues to be your go-to and all-around supplement for the prevention and armour you need to bolster your immune system throughout the day.

Although findings in data are emerging all the time as to the supporting natural treatments against the prevention of Covid.

Detoxing from heavy metals remain the most challenging force currently while navigating these health landscapes and we highly recommend this product for its Zinc and magnesium content.

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