Nicky Kolenda & Josephine Barnard

Our team is constantly improving the transformation processes of raw materials as well as applying the good practices of expert farming to provide a natural and innovative finished product. These efforts then make it is easy for transportation around the world and allows us to supply the needs of our customers with quality. With the intent of bringing the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle to the world.

We achieve this by developing and expanding production resources and offerings around the world in order to generate price advantages in the area of ​​foodstuffs and innovative millennium foods for retailers and ultimately customers. In an intelligently controlled value chain, FSH pilots product development and coordinates all other activities, such as production, logistics and the worldwide marketing of the products.

“We aspire to deliver the best product at the fairest price, gearing towards ensuring that everyone is involved in the process, such as customers, suppliers and employees”

We want people to taste organic, naturally grown food and see that it is good. Nutritional health affects body, mind and soul.

Our vision is to make a healthy, nourishing lifestyle an accessible reality in Cape Town and abroad. We currently have agents in Asia and Africa.

Most of the food available today is high quality, non-GMO and not contaminated with insecticides, pesticides, hormones, chemicals and Halaal approved.

Healthy food is a necessity as more people struggle with chronic health problems and life-threatening diseases.