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5 Helpful Tips to not panic during these hard and fearful times

COVID-19 has taken a hard toll on the world at large and the uncertainty and fear that has hit many people has left too many feeling completely overwhelmed. Stress is setting in and many are having sleepless nights worrying about their well-being and that of their families and community at large. One thing that you need to ask yourself is, ultimately, what is worse, the fear or the virus?

Without talking too much about the fear and pandemonium, let’s dive into some constructive tips to keep positive and not let panic sink in:

  • Rebalance Yourself
  • Don’t let uncertainty unsettle you! Uncertainty doesn’t guarantee danger
  • Don’t get overwhelmed- learn to constructively manage your stress and anxiety
  • Get Creative
  • Get out of the stories in your head

Rebalance Yourself

Take a pause and hit the reset button. Give yourself a break. It sounds almost naïve to say when there is so much to think and worry about, but that’s the whole point. Your mind and body is in a state of imbalance because your mind is being overworked. Take a deep breath and recollect. Allow your mind to reach a state of stillness. Instead of starting your day looking at your phone and getting straight into your busy day, get yourself into a daily routine where you start on the right note. This could be prayer, meditation or even just taking a walk. Allow your cup to be filled so that your mind can focus. You cannot pour out if you have an empty cup.

Don’t let uncertainty unsettle you!

Uncertainty at this stage is the thing that is causing so much panic. People are too afraid to make a move or make a decision, they’re fearing about the lack of finances, and fearing about which loved one they are going to lose next. One of realisations that we need to face is that we cannot worry about something that is not in our control. Uncertainty doesn’t guarantee danger. Focus on the things and people that mean the most to you and do the best that you can each and every day, but you cannot control tomorrow. 

Don’t get overwhelmed

Easy to say when there is so much on our shoulders, but the important thing is that we are not in this alone. Surround yourself with people who can offer you comfort and reassurance. Learn to manage your stress, this can be in the form of medication, exercising or maybe what helps is if you can help others. Helping others for us is what drives us each and every day and is what has us so passionate about what we do. We are a nutraceutical company based in the Garden Route and have our focus on healthy food supplements that help nourish and revitalise your body. We have tried and tested products proven to be highly effective against anxiety and depression.

5 Helpful Tips to not panic during these hard and fearful times

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Mind Effect

Get Creative

It is so refreshing to learn a new skill or hobby. Keeping creative stimulates the mind and helps us communicate and express. Keeping constructive allows us to focus on positive things that take us out of what is happening around us. Signing up for new short courses also builds up your knowledge and skills.

Get out of the stories in your head

We are almost being completely brainwashed by the news and media. It all swirls through our minds 24/7 and we are merely just sponges to absorb all the negativity. The result is that we end up carrying all that with us in our daily lives. Stay informed but don’t entertain your mind with fear and bad news.


It is hard going, but as the old saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. It may seem like there are plenty of reasons to be fearful, but there is hope, it is there, you just have to believe it. Lockdown has restricted many of the things that normally fills our cups, but let’s not allow that to stop us from adapting finding something else.

Hoping this article provides some light to all those who feel like they’re in the dark. Let’s do this together. If you liked this article and found it informative, feel free to leave us a comment.

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