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Elevate Mood and Decrease Anxiety!

Bush Man - Fresh Soil Health

The sky was deep blue, and the African sun scorched down upon the dry untouched landscape as the traditional figures of our beloved First Nation people scattered the bush looking for their Kanna fill in a little yellow looking succulent and expectantly excited at the quietness it would bring to their soul…

This is the scene we can visit decades ago from the 17th century as we know it embedded in our history books.

Sceletium - Fresh Soil Health

I rushed into a local pharmacy 12 years ago looking for something to sooth my soul as i had sleeping problems and depression was knocking at my door. The pharmacist looked into my eyes and saw that I wasn’t going to leave until they helped me with the most effective natural product they could find. That lifeline would be 5HTP for the next year of my life yet little did I ever imagine that I would one day be instrumental in sourcing the intellectual property with beautiful people that lost loved ones to depression and be part of a company that held its own formulation.

The journey began within the core of our business to use our own kanna (Sceletium) products and embrace their God-given attributes of relieve and benefit to our wellbeing.

We have reached out and discussed amongst great ambassadors of science on the profound benefit sceletium has to offer.

Fresh Soil Products has flown across international waters to share this rare find. 

In the city of Moscow Russia, we met an Indian doctor and started a relationship by collaborating and cross populating by sharing both countries symbiotic diversity which each one’s botanicals and medicinal formulations with gifts we have from our own Western Cape floral Kingdom and every time I get to share, I’m profoundly touched by the source and nature we have entrusted with by our Creator.

Little did we know that the innovation and dedication of thousands of hours would prove to humankind the results we find.

Every time we find Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension, and functions as a model anxiolytic (anti-anxiety substance), as well as being a very effective antidepressant (it is believed to function as a natural SSRI – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). 

Reduces addictive cravings particularly with regard to nicotine and also lessens the withdrawal effects of alcohol and other addictive drugs. 

It also helps balance aberrant brain chemistry caused by the effects of serotonin-depleting drugs.

Due to its ability to stimulate feelings of empathy, it has been used with success in couple and family therapy and is a useful adjunct to therapy in general. 

Sceletium has a unique ability to bring about emotional balance and simultaneously cause both relaxation and stimulation of a positive mood and has also been used as a natural supplement for low mood, including grey weather syndrome, anxiety states, including social phobia, irritability in menopause, improvement in libido and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

A unique feature of Sceletium is its ability to release and liberate energy by relaxing the habitual mental tension that many people suffer.

We have developed a specific function where we separate the 11 Alkaloids from the total plant by separating these alkaloids, we can define its specific function and still keep the definition in its original total plant signature and achieve a concentration format to target the distressed area of concern. This innovation is the patent Trimesemine™

By administering one capsule you will enhance sleep or a not too high a dosage for mood-enhancing for when one is possibly coming out of that Grey Area, or for those feeling very depressed and anxious.

Therefore, we can now safely offer our product range applicable to:

  • TRISTILL Junior, Adult and Extra dosage, which is the capsule that aids towards relieving aspects such as anxiety or stress from family life or career etc. 

  • in a case where a person is very depressed, as would be the case for a family bereavement, loss of an income etc. by supplying the correct dosage in the format we have formulated.

Additionally, we offer a different alkaloid formula referred to as MIND EFFECT sometimes referred to as the big bear hug achieving better sleep patterns, not addictive and It can aid towards a better-relaxed state of anxiety for one, so that the turmoil of everyday life is lessened by, relaxing the mind to a more relaxed state of anxiety and thereby assisting towards a better night’s sleep.

Furthermore, effects on inflammation is implicated in various chronic diseases and is the number one and source of all related causes predominating in modern, westernised populations (including anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes, cancer, neurodegenerative disease and cardiovascular disease). In terms of modulation of inflammation, it is imperative that a product modulates this response only mildly, as a greater inhibition may result in immune suppression. Results indicate that Trimesemine™ may indeed be such a mild anti-inflammatory modulator: Pro-inflammatory signalling – both basally and in response to challenges – have been shown to be dampened after in vitro treatment with Trimesemine™. 

You now have a dedicated product grown that we can call our own, where we have identified scientifically, as to what aspect(s) of the general Sceletium plant can then contribute to your well-being- be it day or night time-; and then being able to offer this unique plant’s content in a concentrated format, ideal for any situation you may be faced with.

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