Nicky Kolenda & Josephine Barnard

Fresh Soil Products runs with a fiery passion and vision embedded within its two directors.

Josie Barnard has the drive and ability to change the industry.  She desires to see transformation in communities and extend this transformation to the nations. Born into a family farm and having a passion for farming. She is qualified in Sport Management and coaching, with a 3-year diploma and has been a power plate instructor in the health and wellness industry where she holds her passion for wholeness.

Nicky Kolenda shares the same heartbeat for transformation and empowering communities with a vision to take this to the nations.  Her business acumen and love for people engagement makes her the perfect jockey for this business. Her vast experience in different sectors, starting in the food industry where her family owned a La carte restaurant, with ostrich farming and agriculture farming development and then progressing onto owning a property investment company with commercial experience and then going into the IT industry, which makes her transition into the food and supplement business a natural one.  

SA’s healthy / organic sector consists of about 250 certified farms and 45000ha of certified organic land. It accounts for just a fraction of the land used for agriculture. Yet this area remains one of the fastest growing sector in the food market, driven mostly by the private sector and independent organisations. The positioning of South Africa and the rest of the world allows for South Africa to offer a range of unique and innovated quality products that can be measured on global markets.   

The plans to grow the business (secure future inflows) are dependent on the close and mutually respectful networks that have been established over the years.

We founded the vision on five pillars.

  • What is innovative.
  • Quality and excellence
  • Local Community
  • Local and global networks
  • Empowerment and job creation

We are looking at creating hubs of distributors from grassroot levels across Africa starting in Zimbabwe and beyond that we will provide resources and give access to marketing tools designed to assist business ambassadors with pioneering abilities to reach their customers within their communities and surrounding cities with the support of our industry knowledge we aim to facilitate and empower these chosen ones.

Our passion is to see communities transformed and revived by empowering those that carry the  vision to work together in communities that are improvised and for them to experience the fruit of their labour and their children’s children to beyond.

The loss of natural wealth translates into much more than a monetary one for our socio-cultural fabric – GCS Negi