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Navigating Unchartered Waters

We have shared some of our products over the last few weeks and now I want to share with you how we have navigated through these uncharted waters using the three products explained in our newsletters. 

Moringa Supa Boost, Mind Effect, and Artemisia

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Our go-to immune booster Moringa Supa Boost is loaded with vitamin C to weather the sudden changes as governments swing from pendulums while the effects of broadband increase dispersing Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) that are a growing health concern.

The intensity of the Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) is increasing around the country and around the world, these frequencies have a profound effect on our health. While seeking to mitigate the rising health concerns surrounding 4G & 5G technology, smart meters, wifi routers, communication towers closer together and lower to ground level than ever before. Evidence supports that using cell phones can lead to negative biological effects from electromagnetic radiation emissions that come from your cell phone or wireless device emitting radio frequency nonionizing energy also referred to as RF/EMR which causes tissue heating (thermal effect), changes in blood flow (dynamic effect), DNA damage (genotoxic effect), stress responses such as increased free radical levels leading to oxidative stress in tissues where there is insufficient blood flow. 
While these are real challenges we are looking into new technologies that we can easily adapt to and embrace the core function of supporting our health remains a key factor and we find that we can’t negate supplementary support while our food chain continues to be manipulated by GMO’s and synthetic manipulations.
Part of adding Taurine into our formulation we have made sure that we give protection to managing brain fog. Taurine is an amino acid that’s found throughout your tissues. It’s a component of bile. Taurine is necessary for your organs and systems to function well, including your nervous and immune systems.
Then there are those little foxes in the vine or Jack Russell’s that continue nagging at your feet that cause you to fear the unknown and like the dark shadow of the soul your mind plays a bad movie over and over and we get to miss where the switch off mode is while watching the ceiling and counting sheep. 
Our BIG Bare Hug Mind Effect supplement comes to the rescue in these times of need. 
It’s amazing how all the plants, trees and leaves were put here by the Creator of all things. 
It boggles my mind how we think we can patent and harness by synthetic means to control the natural composition of these wonders yet every time you get to take these supplements you are taking what nature provides in its abundance.
And then there’s the solution to this health crisis we find ourselves in with using a traditional botanical like Artemisia that could be the answer to supporting yourself while being buffed by Covid.
When taking all three arrows in the quiver with a holistic approach you minimise the risk of contracting any viral germs and boosting your immune system.
Let’s take a quick look at what we mean by holistic.

Fresh Soil Health - Holistic

Mind, Body and Soul work in perfect harmony as everything was designed to work together perfectly.
Taking times to quieten yourself by prayer and mediation walking in nature and giving gratitude and praise to your Creator and Father.
De bunking old mindsets that cause negative outputs and replacing a healthy attitude of good praise and worthy thoughts.

Self-reflection by digging deep into your soul and getting rid of soulish spoils that cause you to repeat patterns.
Identifying bad emotions that trigger wrongful actions and sorting these out by allowing the truth of who you really are from a sovereign being perspective and not what you think you are.

Acts of kindness will follow you from this point on and you will start to give attention to those around you where the perfect community exists.

Fresh Soil Health - Evolving Journey

It’s an evolving journey of discovery as we navigate our immune system and being in touch with ourselves and loving the uniqueness of our inherent healthy fibres.

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